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Sarah & Adam | Branell Homestead Laidley | Wedding Photography

I know this sounds cheesy and cliched, but Sarah & Adam were an absolute joy to work with. I really admire the way they approached their wedding, an equal focus on the details and the people. Along with their friends and family, they (Sarah – let’s be honest here Adam) obviously spent a lot of time in the lead up to the wedding on some amazing DIY projects. Projects which put their own personal stamp on their big day – it was styled to perfection! I honestly couldn’t believe they’d done it ALL themselves. But come wedding time, their focus was squarely set on really enjoying the time they had with their family and friends. They brought everyone together in a picturesque farm setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy an awesome day. They didn’t even let the rain – which forced a last minute ceremony move – bother them.  They threw one hell of a party, great music, awesome food (check out the paella!), plenty of drinks, some wild dancing and a bunch guests with big smiles on their dials.


branell-homestead-wedding-photography-001branell-homestead-wedding-photography-002branell-homestead-wedding-photography-003branell-homestead-wedding-photography-004branell-homestead-wedding-photography-005branell-homestead-wedding-photography-006branell-homestead-wedding-photography-007branell-homestead-wedding-photography-008branell-homestead-wedding-photography-009branell-homestead-wedding-photography-010branell-homestead-wedding-photography-011branell-homestead-wedding-photography-012branell-homestead-wedding-photography-013branell-homestead-wedding-photography-014branell-homestead-wedding-photography-015branell-homestead-wedding-photography-016branell-homestead-wedding-photography-017branell-homestead-wedding-photography-019branell-homestead-wedding-photography-018branell-homestead-wedding-photography-020branell-homestead-wedding-photography-021branell-homestead-wedding-photography-022branell-homestead-wedding-photography-023branell-homestead-wedding-photography-024branell-homestead-wedding-photography-025branell-homestead-wedding-photography-026branell-homestead-wedding-photography-027branell-homestead-wedding-photography-028branell-homestead-wedding-photography-029branell-homestead-wedding-photography-030branell-homestead-wedding-photography-031branell-homestead-wedding-photography-032branell-homestead-wedding-photography-033branell-homestead-wedding-photography-034branell-homestead-wedding-photography-035branell-homestead-wedding-photography-036branell-homestead-wedding-photography-037branell-homestead-wedding-photography-038branell-homestead-wedding-photography-039branell-homestead-wedding-photography-040branell-homestead-wedding-photography-041branell-homestead-wedding-photography-042branell-homestead-wedding-photography-043branell-homestead-wedding-photography-044branell-homestead-wedding-photography-045branell-homestead-wedding-photography-046branell-homestead-wedding-photography-047branell-homestead-wedding-photography-048branell-homestead-wedding-photography-049branell-homestead-wedding-photography-050branell-homestead-wedding-photography-051branell-homestead-wedding-photography-052branell-homestead-wedding-photography-053branell-homestead-wedding-photography-055branell-homestead-wedding-photography-054branell-homestead-wedding-photography-056branell-homestead-wedding-photography-057branell-homestead-wedding-photography-058branell-homestead-wedding-photography-059branell-homestead-wedding-photography-060branell-homestead-wedding-photography-061branell-homestead-wedding-photography-062 The lovely folks at the very excellent wedding blog that is Hello May were kind enough to feature Sarah & Adam’s wedding –  http://hellomay.com.au/article/a-branell-homestead-wedding-sarah-adam/ Dress Alex Perry // Veil Karen Willis Holmes // Shoes Badgley Mishka // Flowers  Magnolia Flowers & Gifts and Rocklea Flower Market // Rings Robert White Jewellers and Wallace Bishop // Jewellery Precious Stone Jewellers and Myer Centre // Bridesmaids’ Dresses CueAlannah HillBe Seduced Luxe, There is Only You and Me // Groom’s Tux Ben Shirman // Shirt Herringbone // Grooms Shoes Floresheim // Groomsmens’ shirts Ben Shirman // Ties The Tie Shop // Ceremony and Reception Venue Branell Homestead Bed and Breakfast // Catering Viva Paella // Cake Handmade by Mother of the Groom // Styling DIY // Stationary The bride // Hair Dimitrios Fronis // Makeup Monique Seage // Music Bride’s brothers // Celebrant Angie Kelly // Equipment Hire Event Decorating Supplies // Schanpps supplier Freisengheist (supplied by bridesmaid direct from Germany)

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  1. Teresa K
    Wow, she is sooooo beautiful and the clarity of your images is outstanding!! So many award worthy images in this post. LOVE!!

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twenty thirteen – favourite frames


So damn good.

I had the pleasure of working with so many great people. People in some of the most exciting, nerve wracking, emotional, insanely fun and love filled moments of their lives. It’s a pretty rewarding feeling to be trusted to document these moments, but even more rewarding to deliver images that I felt truly proud to have played a hand in creating. Here’s a visual summary of some (lots – sorry!) of my favourites. Thank you legends – all of you – for not only inviting me into your worlds with unabashed kindness, warmth and friendship, but also for handing me creative control on a scary level. I loved every minute of it.

[audio:http://nickevansphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Paolo-Nutini-These-Streets.mp3|autostart=no] Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 1Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 2 Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 3 Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 1 Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 2 MODA Wedding Photography-1MODA Wedding Photography-2MODA Wedding Brisbane - 1Branell Homestead Wedding Photography - 1 Branell Homestead Wedding Photography - 2Branell Homestead Wedding Photography - 3Branell Homestead Wedding Photography - 5Kingscliff Wedding Photographer - 1Kingscliff Wedding Photographer - 2Kingscliff Wedding Photographer - 3Enagagement Photography Brisbane - 1Enagagement Photography Brisbane - 2Maroochydore Wedding Photography - 1Maroochydore Wedding Photography - 2Maroochydore Wedding Photography - 3Wedding Photographer Brisbane - 1Wedding Photography Brisbane1Wedding Photography Brisbane2Tivoli Wedding Photographer - 1Tivoli Wedding Photographer - 2Tivoli Wedding Photographer - 3Tivoli Wedding Photographer - 4Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 1Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 2Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 3Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 4Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 5Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 6Noosa Wedding Photographer - 1Noosa Wedding Photographer - 2Noosa Wedding Photographer - 3Noosa Wedding Photographer - 4Noosa Wedding Photographer - 5Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 2Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 1Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 3Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 4Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 5Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 6Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 7Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 8Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 9Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 10Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 11Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 1Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 2Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 3Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 4Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 5Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 6Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 7Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 8Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 9Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 1Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 2Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 3Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 4Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 5Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 6Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 7Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 1-2Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 2-2Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 3-2Stokehouse Wedding Photography - 1Stokehouse Wedding Photography - 2Stokehouse Wedding Photography - 3Stokehouse Wedding Photography - 4Stokehouse Wedding Photography - 5Mirra Events Brisbane Wedding Photography - 1Mirra Events Brisbane Wedding Photography - 2Mirra Events Brisbane Wedding Photography - 3Mirra Events Brisbane Wedding Photography - 4Mirra Events Brisbane Wedding Photography - 5Stamford Plaza Brisbane Wedding - 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2Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 3Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 4Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 5Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 6Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 7Mt Tamborine Wedding Photography - 1Mt Tamborine Wedding Photography - 2Mt Tamborine Wedding Photography - 3Mt Tamborine Wedding Photography - 4Tattersalls Club Brisbane - 4Tattersalls Club Brisbane - 1Tattersalls Club Brisbane - 2Tattersalls Club Brisbane - 5Perth Wedding Photography - 1Perth Wedding Photography - 2Perth Wedding Photography - 3Perth Wedding Photography - 4Perth Wedding Photography - 5Perth Wedding Photography - 6GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 1GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 2GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 3GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 4GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 5GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 6GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 7GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 8GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 9^U®ÙQO {£é¤hÏis¼S±¥*Z„”äÂD'v˜–qÍ!s,“îí@I8b)7ié73ë62Æޘ‚姺}¨bá@§ý•2Q+?zMo,q]êڂ€–·W²Ü@:Uhù¸Ôde+,ñF†ïüÔóz¦¡´dnXµ w;S/ÆMÆÀ'Ÿ’`’æâñ‡RO°Ì]L½@7é#è'½ìÔ%íøv;m˜ò^2ùûó'N:˜TӔR¯©Ájсú.ei¤ºîÑú‚/ò«Î6>PÖ$¿Ô-ÞX®cô‰»Æ€†-Àӟ-»æTfuðw¾Zù¯Ë͝¬©vPê„ýN¢Êô©?äS‰-ü¹^|1É7êþk¶Ã˜Š¯ó¾eÓcx¡øyFŸj…jP9ÈãÄ G(»]¢¦Iêɼ³ªh÷Q}9”%š*O ¯	¯ìô=2Æû‡U®†H̙ó™ââOešèb+ÄD¯…Ž  Ži£«uh,'„›{£ ú䓱v.…GÃ*§_ÛåÇ%]°ŸÓlÏmkªèwdY/ôy‰€Æ¡˜…~(FæE³üÑòÛH8wäÐc{GäÝ6æÇEŽÚ薾ßޒA¬îzS%B¨l"ݨÔ„�ሄx›K ÕiÜbtDlWÜتº8튿ÿÔâ5 Ì÷	j‘¹8KÔ¿!ôðú•þªâ¢[xùNy·à«˜ÉòÃEeíñ|TéüÌü¨ôb'æ3ù«P1´ŸT™S7ÜuÛÇ+²ä `š¿çLy¸µ}.ñ.ÛfKŠBjþÑãòË#ˆ÷´dÔÑåža󦻭Ýg¸1D6ŽÞV5ÛÔüÎ_�âO4¤RHãi^†¦»“ßñÉM2•=³ò1âú„эÚ9ˆ¯Ì3[ŸûÇk¢—/ꗪêqrŒŸ€¹/üå´CŸuO‰$xØû2ׯû»Nw.¼zG½çä*¡¸-†‚¤ èEÅôååÒÊé蟐––ç[©çŽ’Ak'Õæ €º­Hè¯,²™r°D“¶ï]“VÓôëýJk˅X¥A^fŠ‹܅vÝI4ÿ�'!±6/«¸ßcܐy^òûÜÏu¥jqÁu¨ŠÆ^@†tþ4að�«Jÿ�›d“¶ÈÕçŒá´ƒ.Լ鉧ZFá ÕÛ"”+Ⱦ¿L|¢Ôñ|˜!ÕJ@’G'ŸëþaÕ|Ç,—V³¦šéI(Ύñ³ñ QÉ‚±oµ˜¹'ê&+”oéñ$±y«]³]Rž&vth%Ài«+ >nßËûY“˜GÒ¾-&8VoTqNjý‡Óü÷³éVkcoo³H¢Ä]ÍY¸ŠUz嗻¢Ë>98ÚfW‹ÔwýXZ×ûv=1WWÿÕâ•–¿†g]¸t¡pünþ9^YPÙ³l½×òKKº±òÛMp =Üï'ÔE~|sY˜“-ݞQz=Ýôq*µOð?,¤šrbWXµ[nR2ð§6ÐîXž™mðÿ�Ì>ËæY͍ªðÓ!qñw”§Ù>È¿³ÿ�›-6š·ë!i¬RbZ6åԞ)NUýƒùscŸ,¢ˆs�º¾Ô/L—7÷ÞMÄÆdÚF©×jŒ×ÊDØž{,’ÑÚ09(aÁ1]ëòȉ N™§—ÿ�2¼Ù£ÚZÙM^GdÔå¸WfTo„%U—švUl‰˜r¡®œc[I	çO0_y’Yﭒ)ã‘ãUŠ­M‰ìYš¥¾Çìÿ�.F&‹VMçΘÌúeºFHn2 *ñ3|AÆõ§…2Á2Ô2”ÃM·µAÊFòúnGû*£äÅ)ð×ù¿ÉÊå#mr‘¶sù ‡W¼¶$ÒXÒe¯O„ñ4ÿ�‚ÇÔîAw™’øƒÜoc ё.pxïç-©ý^OÓQürX­§Yݼ¾ÂÒöïP†ÇNŒIsp8¤C‹€ÌMKT(7̙—MfdÍô’ü¡gåmF~·(s0ääoOþQ˜†F[—u€áçJG÷‘»·§!û+ð}Œ"G£!-“{»{“}֔_Kf;‚ L„ØiG~߬–Õx¾ÅL¯Dóî£kvwSۑñ4ç„гבŠ‹"+ŸÚS#.bÏNO>n^-O W&I¨~rXÉ`8Ç'֙~(—¢¸Ûm˜Çœ±¨œ‘ÜÐa9ðDȾp¸KËËée•yË+É,®À1Þ¤ò'·Ë3³¡32ÞùºÜƑ¼²¨‡LP† MGn§Çöyb{˜åh¸œl#/ꪹ38€I äNÌZšÙž$X¤% îÛ¢ 0¢€ÆÜâêY¿´¹Ž{)=¼µŠpµtu?㱦LN·gï}?ä3Åæo.A¨l.b»A·“fÛÁ¾Òæt%Ä-,Š'£Õl,Ñ>!ºwþ¸¡²;wì|p«ÿ×ࣱÛ	™½˜ð„e$—não¿21Yݧ/r麑–I„Prò‰¹Så¾P9³DÂޛWö_ë™1Ù¦[¢ÕêWîü2ÐZˆZ¨Y«Û$UèXÁr…¤$ôí”ÌnÝA˽TCp*–°‰%*M64©âM; ·Ì§u‘ ™ÚAõ…œÛ—0••ÂüJ¡X|l)ƕÊ-tB Æó*K*¬”1T¼…?š£ýV^9`6RI$Ž²ÂêCSTû#oåï†Â6U&`±‡••�nªÕOW°; ÿ�W(':¥Õ”ËðA3Kà;…3Ò´ì;åc¹ÐSzwï Y9dJ„«JþS”…‹DÁæŠ:°úÃÞ$U²KꇡHc$†Ü~ÎG‡£,dÀ‚9¾„²Õ¥åø/mhï,A€£•(EGƒm˜¤šzœR£ÒHO.y}ág½ÔÕ¿œÖYØÙEðUÈFͺyk`jš”vŒKU“Ó.”€0_9ùïÍWæ¦Ó)hôû2 ™ìì[‰jîüœÈà ýRuÌüg„})/?R"ExˆvfUÙEId�֟	l—W_{·":£¸ã‘¯5­WrBó§~*0ì¶-þºÞ(–2Ä0Ԓyì{dº2…h®Ç,´ D ±€*I¯Üò¦D†hí}œ 3ˆRÓm٘D“N$D‚²ääÊ©üßˌÏz&k˜V¹¶’i­Ð<Ž-<QÏĐ üU¢œFê™ù'æC%µÆ9o¬ÀæHƒ´®jÔð¿âYNXT¯ùÎçCšáÂy÷/N½–X",ß�ŽTvsFïüÀóå½íÓé0LÒF¯H­`RŸì©þ®O"}Gü×]©áçüLAÌP@lfÓä•ÁúÅ})8[‹8µ‹|A¸|KûY’›§®ª .¡¤1ŸN9€Þ é«TrÙjwÁ±RAÝ/~'’s/f©ðQ¹9TT|?å}¬“*V•’9„‰$e_y­u EiÈöXŽHfíÝ^"RÕݍI¨4¦Å¶ÄóIUm§`&mÄó!~ ªŠP6Ô¡<¸à!‰ W×Þ*1Œ$¥™D[ô ’Äï]ðÇfq§¤þP~d}U“ËZó…´v¦›tßî¹tÞcùs+Ç"ϓܬ&d‘¢”ü›Äv9Ž”m^ã®*ÿ�ÿÑáa	^áb(Íâ=¼FRÓjã_…Zîy}ó7ôµËu9Wá^G·€ËdSƒÕcS˜“܈·©¦ODÊ5£®d‡•áÆ»øch§z”Û%¥6ô2&iXáÚ6xâ,‰öØ ‡ÎŸ<¦y@ٜGoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 11GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 12GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 13GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 14GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 15Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 1Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 2Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 3Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 4Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 5Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 6Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 7Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 9Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 8

Note: There’s a few frames in here from weddings I was lucky enough to second shoot for the stupidly talented, very excellent gentleman Stewart Ross & Jason Starr from Studio 60. Also a big thank-you to Hayley Williamson, Tyler Alberti, Amanda Quick Harris, Kim Eijdenberg and Stephen Govel for coming on some weddings this year. I think I included one of your shots in my favourites Steve. 🙂

19 Responses to “twenty thirteen – favourite frames”

  1. caroline
    Dude. Nick. Dude. Seriously incredible stuff in here. Your bridal party portraits are SUPERB. I totally LOL'ed at that groomsman photo with them in their boxers. That could have easily been a magazine ad for really great alcohol. But wow. Truly one of my very favorite best of 2013 posts!
  2. Ben
    I always love your blog posts and this one was a real hum-dinger! You've got an awesome way of spotting the right light and working that tilt. Awesome year dude :)
  3. Oy
    I scroll down this post and I couldn't stop smiling for some reasons! Sooo beautiful images and lots of great moments you captured in 2013!
  4. Connie
    A beautiful compilation! How awesome was that to look through all these stunning images while the song is playing in the background! :)
  5. Kate
    Love love love Nick!! The sparkler shots are really cool - you've definitely got that skill mastered!
  6. Amanda
    Amazing images Nick! Just listened to your Photobiz Xposed Podcast and you had some really great tips. Thanks for sharing!

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