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twenty twelve favourites

2012. What a ripper! I was lucky enough to document a bunch of amazing weddings from as far south as Hobart to as far north as Airlie Beach – even a quick trip to Fiji to attend the wedding of some close friends. I met so many people who blew me away with their kindness, generosity and how willing they were to bring me into their worlds. But most importantly I shared a lot of amazing times and experiences with close friends and family. It was therapeutic (in a long and drawn out kinda way) to buzz back through a years worth of images and be reminded of all the good times, crazy dancing, first kisses, touching speeches, laughs, smiles, tears, hugs and beers that I got to share in. A BIG thanks to all of those who put their faith in me to document once in a lifetime events over the last twelve months. All the best for a fun and fruitful 2013!


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  1. Elissa
    What an awesome variety of images. I love that you showed a little bit of everything. I think the shot with the parasols (4th from the bottom) is my favorite!

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yasmin & joe – brisbane wedding [all hallows/sky room]

Yas & Joe – another cracking Brisbane wedding to share some photos from.

Awesome people, great venues (how nice is the All Hallows Chapel!), stunning bridal party, loving supportive families and impeccable attention to detail. Certainly makes my job easy!

Grab a coffee and enjoy.

Thanks for having me guys!


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  1. Anja
    Gosh, that church? Wow! And what a stunning bride. I love love everything about how how told the story of the day. Truly beautiful!
  2. Paul Krol
    Awesome coverage of this wedding. I loved the portrait of the Bride where she is standing against the while wall. Absolutely fantastic.
  3. Becky Male
    STUNNING ! I loved soooo many of these, the bridal flowers on the chairs, the ties and shoe shot, the bridal party amongst the trees. Your composition and creative is the bomb! Nice work :)
  4. Barb
    One year on and revisiting the photos that tell such a beautiful story. Pics are stunning and brought a tear to my eye as it did on the day.

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