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Kate & Richo – Engagement Happy Snaps

These incredibly cool kids hung out in front of my camera(s) for some engagement photos. Results below.


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  1. Jean
    What a darling couple! And oh, my goodness...these images are absolutely gorgeous. Really breathtaking locations.
  2. caroline
    What an incredibly cute couple! I especially love her hair and her dress... heck, both of their style!! I have a lot of favorites here, but I especially love that first image.

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Anneke & Scott – Brisbane Wedding Photography

I’ll leave the words to Anneke – the lovely bride from this wedding. This is the email response I received when I sent her the link to their wedding slideshow – the first images my couples see after their wedding. I guess you could say she was keen to see them…

Hi Nick,

Let me just explain the torture I endured last night; Scott and I went to his work Ball. As we sit down to our entree, your message arrives. ALL my self control, decorum and manners were required NOT to open up the browser on my phone and block out the entire 350-guest filled room (including his boss and wife sitting next to us) and immerse myself in a small screen of memories and emotion. Dessert and speeches came and went, the table got up to socialise and I finally get Scott to myself to go through the slideshow…only to discover that I can’t access flash player on my phone. Two of the longest hours of my life ensued and I’m fairly confident everyone in the place knew they were standing between me and my wedding photos. (I really need to get a grip..) Home at 12 am, computer on and Scott and I smiled/laughed/teared up through three run-throughs.

Nick, what you have given us is not just the pictures of our wedding day, but the combined moments of happiness of everyone we hold dear. You should feel proud and privileged that your skills and impeccable timing can give your clients more than just an image of beauty. There isn’t much more special than the feeling of seeing someone you care about enjoy themselves and thanks to you we now get to relive that feeling whenever we want. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for capturing the fun story of one the the most precious days of our lives and making each image glow, speak and reach out and with invisible hands and hug us the way each person did on the day. I love every shot and I can’t wait to see what other moments you managed to catch. As a further compliment, Scott – mr. “photos?-whatever.” himself, was completely blow away.

Looking forward to seeing the prints on Monday!

Words can not adequately describe how grateful I am, nor the significance of what you’ve given us.

…Can pick a good photographer  😉


Anneke (and Scott)

And that right there, is why I do what I do.

PS. I should probably mention that this is a good example of a non-stop rainy Brisbane wedding.

[audio: http://nickevansphoto.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Lumineers-Big-Parade.mp3 |autostart=no]

15 Responses to “Anneke & Scott – Brisbane Wedding Photography”

  1. Jean
    Oh, my...the shot of them under the big tree with the umbrella is breathtaking. I love your rich colors. The emotions of the day are perfectly captured!
  2. Alyse
    Awesome work as always Nick. Such beautiful colours in this wedding, and the bride looks soooooo happy! And goes to show that you will not be stopped by rain!!!
  3. small
    This is such a bright and fun wedding! I love the photo of the dresses and shoes with the baby dress and shoes, so cute!

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