Hi there!

I’m a Brisbane wedding photographer who loves photographing people. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy taking photos of lots of things but I much prefer it if people are involved. That’s what makes weddings so fun to photograph for me – capturing fleeting moments and transforming them into memories to last a lifetime is a fantastic privilege and it gives me a real buzz.

If you’re looking for a sneaky ninja photographer who’s going to hide in a dark corner with a long lens then I’m not your guy. I tend to blend in to weddings by interacting with guests and enjoying the party. I dress like a wedding guest and I’m not afraid of getting amongst the action to get a nice natural shot. I find people are far more relaxed if they can interact with me rather than observing me working from that dark corner like an antisocial weirdo.

People often say they feel as though they were at the wedding after looking at my photos and I think that’s got a lot to do with the way I work. I’m always aiming to create relaxed and happy pictures that tell the story of the day through the eyes of someone who was a part of the day.

I also like good coffee, growing some veggies in my awesome veggie garden, riding my bicycle, cooking great food and listening to relaxing music – but that doesn’t really apply here. Oh and beer. Good beer. Kudos for hanging around for so long!

Hope I didn’t bore you. Drop me a line using the contact form if you’d like any more info.

Wedding coverage starting from $3895.