twenty thirteen – favourite frames


So damn good.

I had the pleasure of working with so many great people. People in some of the most exciting, nerve wracking, emotional, insanely fun and love filled moments of their lives. It’s a pretty rewarding feeling to be trusted to document these moments, but even more rewarding to deliver images that I felt truly proud to have played a hand in creating. Here’s a visual summary of some (lots – sorry!) of my favourites. Thank you legends – all of you – for not only inviting me into your worlds with unabashed kindness, warmth and friendship, but also for handing me creative control on a scary level. I loved every minute of it.

[audio:|autostart=no] Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 1Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 2 Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 3 Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 1 Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 2 MODA Wedding Photography-1MODA Wedding Photography-2MODA Wedding Brisbane - 1Branell Homestead Wedding Photography - 1 Branell Homestead Wedding Photography - 2Branell Homestead Wedding Photography - 3Branell Homestead Wedding Photography - 5Kingscliff Wedding Photographer - 1Kingscliff Wedding Photographer - 2Kingscliff Wedding Photographer - 3Enagagement Photography Brisbane - 1Enagagement Photography Brisbane - 2Maroochydore Wedding Photography - 1Maroochydore Wedding Photography - 2Maroochydore Wedding Photography - 3Wedding Photographer Brisbane - 1Wedding Photography Brisbane1Wedding Photography Brisbane2Tivoli Wedding Photographer - 1Tivoli Wedding Photographer - 2Tivoli Wedding Photographer - 3Tivoli Wedding Photographer - 4Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 1Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 2Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 3Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 4Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 5Maleny Tiffanys Wedding Photography - 6Noosa Wedding Photographer - 1Noosa Wedding Photographer - 2Noosa Wedding Photographer - 3Noosa Wedding Photographer - 4Noosa Wedding Photographer - 5Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 2Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 1Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 3Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 4Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 5Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 6Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 7Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 8Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 9Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 10Stamford Plaza Wedding Photographer - 11Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 1Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 2Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 3Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 4Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 5Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 6Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 7Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 8Branell Homestead Laidley Wedding Photographer - 9Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 1Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 2Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 3Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 4Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 5Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 6Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 7Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 1-2Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 2-2Brisbane Engagement Photographer - 3-2Stokehouse Wedding Photography - 1Stokehouse Wedding Photography - 2Stokehouse Wedding Photography - 3Stokehouse Wedding Photography - 4Stokehouse Wedding Photography - 5Mirra Events Brisbane Wedding Photography - 1Mirra Events Brisbane Wedding Photography - 2Mirra Events Brisbane Wedding Photography - 3Mirra Events Brisbane Wedding Photography - 4Mirra Events Brisbane Wedding Photography - 5Stamford Plaza Brisbane Wedding - 1Stamford Plaza Brisbane Wedding - 2Stamford Plaza Brisbane Wedding - 3Stamford Plaza Brisbane Wedding - 4Stamford Plaza Brisbane Wedding - 5Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 8Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 9Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 10Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 11Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 12Byron Bay Wedding Photography - 13Byron Bay Wedding - 1Lightspace Wedding Photography - 1Lightspace Wedding Photography - 2Lightspace Wedding Photography - 3Lightspace Wedding Photography - 4Byron Bay Wedding - 2Byron Bay Wedding - 3Byron Bay Wedding - 4Byron Bay Wedding - 5Byron Bay Wedding - 6Byron Bay Wedding - 7GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photography - 1GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photography - 2GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photography - 3GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photography - 4GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photography - 5GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photography - 6GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photography - 7Powerhouse Brisbane Wedding Photography - 1Powerhouse Brisbane Wedding Photography - 2Powerhouse Brisbane Wedding Photography - 3Powerhouse Brisbane Wedding Photography - 4Powerhouse Brisbane Wedding Photography - 5Powerhouse Brisbane Wedding Photography - 6Powerhouse Brisbane Wedding Photography - 7Powerhouse Brisbane Wedding Photography - 8Yandina Station Wedding Photography - 3Yandina Station Wedding Photography - 1Yandina Station Wedding Photography - 2Yandina Station Wedding Photography - 4Yandina Station Wedding Photography - 5Tiffanys Maleny Wedding - 1Tiffanys Maleny Wedding - 2Tiffanys Maleny Wedding - 3Tiffanys Maleny Wedding - 4Tiffanys Maleny Wedding - 5Tiffanys Maleny Wedding - 6Tiffanys Maleny Wedding - 7Tiffanys Maleny Wedding - 8St Johns Cathedral Brisbane Wedding - 1St Johns Cathedral Brisbane Wedding - 2St Johns Cathedral Brisbane Wedding - 3 St Johns Cathedral Brisbane Wedding - 4 St Johns Cathedral Brisbane Wedding - 5St Johns Cathedral Brisbane Wedding - 6St Johns Cathedral Brisbane Wedding - 7 St Johns Cathedral Brisbane Wedding - 8Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 1Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 2Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 3Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 4Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 5Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 6Hillstone St Lucia Wedding Photographer - 7Mt Tamborine Wedding Photography - 1Mt Tamborine Wedding Photography - 2Mt Tamborine Wedding Photography - 3Mt Tamborine Wedding Photography - 4Tattersalls Club Brisbane - 4Tattersalls Club Brisbane - 1Tattersalls Club Brisbane - 2Tattersalls Club Brisbane - 5Perth Wedding Photography - 1Perth Wedding Photography - 2Perth Wedding Photography - 3Perth Wedding Photography - 4Perth Wedding Photography - 5Perth Wedding Photography - 6GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 1GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 2GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 3GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 4GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 5GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 6GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 7GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 8GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 9^U®ÙQO {£é¤hÏis¼S±¥*Z„”äÂD'v˜–qÍ!s,“îí@I8b)7ié73ë62Æޘ‚姺}¨bá@§ý•2Q+?zMo,q]êڂ€–·W²Ü@:Uhù¸Ôde+,ñF†ïüÔóz¦¡´dnXµ w;S/ÆMÆÀ'Ÿ’`’æâñ‡RO°Ì]L½@7é#è'½ìÔ%íøv;m˜ò^2ùûó'N:˜TӔR¯©Ájсú.ei¤ºîÑú‚/ò«Î6>PÖ$¿Ô-ÞX®cô‰»Æ€†-Àӟ-»æTfuðw¾Zù¯Ë͝¬©vPê„ýN¢Êô©?äS‰-ü¹^|1É7êþk¶Ã˜Š¯ó¾eÓcx¡øyFŸj…jP9ÈãÄ G(»]¢¦Iêɼ³ªh÷Q}9”%š*O ¯	¯ìô=2Æû‡U®†H̙ó™ââOešèb+ÄD¯…Ž  Ži£«uh,'„›{£ ú䓱v.…GÃ*§_ÛåÇ%]°ŸÓlÏmkªèwdY/ôy‰€Æ¡˜…~(FæE³üÑòÛH8wäÐc{GäÝ6æÇEŽÚ薾ßޒA¬îzS%B¨l"ݨÔ„�ሄx›K ÕiÜbtDlWÜتº8튿ÿÔâ5 Ì÷	j‘¹8KÔ¿!ôðú•þªâ¢[xùNy·à«˜ÉòÃEeíñ|TéüÌü¨ôb'æ3ù«P1´ŸT™S7ÜuÛÇ+²ä `š¿çLy¸µ}.ñ.ÛfKŠBjþÑãòË#ˆ÷´dÔÑåža󦻭Ýg¸1D6ŽÞV5ÛÔüÎ_�âO4¤RHãi^†¦»“ßñÉM2•=³ò1âú„эÚ9ˆ¯Ì3[ŸûÇk¢—/ꗪêqrŒŸ€¹/üå´CŸuO‰$xØû2ׯû»Nw.¼zG½çä*¡¸-†‚¤ èEÅôååÒÊé蟐––ç[©çŽ’Ak'Õæ €º­Hè¯,²™r°D“¶ï]“VÓôëýJk˅X¥A^fŠ‹܅vÝI4ÿ�'!±6/«¸ßcܐy^òûÜÏu¥jqÁu¨ŠÆ^@†tþ4að�«Jÿ�›d“¶ÈÕçŒá´ƒ.Լ鉧ZFá ÕÛ"”+Ⱦ¿L|¢Ôñ|˜!ÕJ@’G'ŸëþaÕ|Ç,—V³¦šéI(Ύñ³ñ QÉ‚±oµ˜¹'ê&+”oéñ$±y«]³]Rž&vth%Ài«+ >nßËûY“˜GÒ¾-&8VoTqNjý‡Óü÷³éVkcoo³H¢Ä]ÍY¸ŠUz嗻¢Ë>98ÚfW‹ÔwýXZ×ûv=1WWÿÕâ•–¿†g]¸t¡pünþ9^YPÙ³l½×òKKº±òÛMp =Üï'ÔE~|sY˜“-ݞQz=Ýôq*µOð?,¤šrbWXµ[nR2ð§6ÐîXž™mðÿ�Ì>ËæY͍ªðÓ!qñw”§Ù>È¿³ÿ�›-6š·ë!i¬RbZ6åԞ)NUýƒùscŸ,¢ˆs�º¾Ô/L—7÷ÞMÄÆdÚF©×jŒ×ÊDØž{,’ÑÚ09(aÁ1]ëòȉ N™§—ÿ�2¼Ù£ÚZÙM^GdÔå¸WfTo„%U—švUl‰˜r¡®œc[I	çO0_y’Yﭒ)ã‘ãUŠ­M‰ìYš¥¾Çìÿ�.F&‹VMçΘÌúeºFHn2 *ñ3|AÆõ§…2Á2Ô2”ÃM·µAÊFòúnGû*£äÅ)ð×ù¿ÉÊå#mr‘¶sù ‡W¼¶$ÒXÒe¯O„ñ4ÿ�‚ÇÔîAw™’øƒÜoc ё.pxïç-©ý^OÓQürX­§Yݼ¾ÂÒöïP†ÇNŒIsp8¤C‹€ÌMKT(7̙—MfdÍô’ü¡gåmF~·(s0ääoOþQ˜†F[—u€áçJG÷‘»·§!û+ð}Œ"G£!-“{»{“}֔_Kf;‚ L„ØiG~߬–Õx¾ÅL¯Dóî£kvwSۑñ4ç„гבŠ‹"+ŸÚS#.bÏNO>n^-O W&I¨~rXÉ`8Ç'֙~(—¢¸Ûm˜Çœ±¨œ‘ÜÐa9ðDȾp¸KËËée•yË+É,®À1Þ¤ò'·Ë3³¡32ÞùºÜƑ¼²¨‡LP† MGn§Çöyb{˜åh¸œl#/ꪹ38€I äNÌZšÙž$X¤% îÛ¢ 0¢€ÆÜâêY¿´¹Ž{)=¼µŠpµtu?㱦LN·gï}?ä3Åæo.A¨l.b»A·“fÛÁ¾Òæt%Ä-,Š'£Õl,Ñ>!ºwþ¸¡²;wì|p«ÿ×ࣱÛ	™½˜ð„e$—não¿21Yݧ/r麑–I„Prò‰¹Så¾P9³DÂޛWö_ë™1Ù¦[¢ÕêWîü2ÐZˆZ¨Y«Û$UèXÁr…¤$ôí”ÌnÝA˽TCp*–°‰%*M64©âM; ·Ì§u‘ ™ÚAõ…œÛ—0••ÂüJ¡X|l)ƕÊ-tB Æó*K*¬”1T¼…?š£ýV^9`6RI$Ž²ÂêCSTû#oåï†Â6U&`±‡••�nªÕOW°; ÿ�W(':¥Õ”ËðA3Kà;…3Ò´ì;åc¹ÐSzwï Y9dJ„«JþS”…‹DÁæŠ:°úÃÞ$U²KꇡHc$†Ü~ÎG‡£,dÀ‚9¾„²Õ¥åø/mhï,A€£•(EGƒm˜¤šzœR£ÒHO.y}ág½ÔÕ¿œÖYØÙEðUÈFͺyk`jš”vŒKU“Ó.”€0_9ùïÍWæ¦Ó)hôû2 ™ìì[‰jîüœÈà ýRuÌüg„})/?R"ExˆvfUÙEId�֟	l—W_{·":£¸ã‘¯5­WrBó§~*0ì¶-þºÞ(–2Ä0Ԓyì{dº2…h®Ç,´ D ±€*I¯Üò¦D†hí}œ 3ˆRÓm٘D“N$D‚²ääÊ©üßˌÏz&k˜V¹¶’i­Ð<Ž-<QÏĐ üU¢œFê™ù'æC%µÆ9o¬ÀæHƒ´®jÔð¿âYNXT¯ùÎçCšáÂy÷/N½–X",ß�ŽTvsFïüÀóå½íÓé0LÒF¯H­`RŸì©þ®O"}Gü×]©áçüLAÌP@lfÓä•ÁúÅ})8[‹8µ‹|A¸|KûY’›§®ª .¡¤1ŸN9€Þ é«TrÙjwÁ±RAÝ/~'’s/f©ðQ¹9TT|?å}¬“*V•’9„‰$e_y­u EiÈöXŽHfíÝ^"RÕݍI¨4¦Å¶ÄóIUm§`&mÄó!~ ªŠP6Ô¡<¸à!‰ W×Þ*1Œ$¥™D[ô ’Äï]ðÇfq§¤þP~d}U“ËZó…´v¦›tßî¹tÞcùs+Ç"ϓܬ&d‘¢”ü›Äv9Ž”m^ã®*ÿ�ÿÑáa	^áb(Íâ=¼FRÓjã_…Zîy}ó7ôµËu9Wá^G·€ËdSƒÕcS˜“܈·©¦ODÊ5£®d‡•áÆ»øch§z”Û%¥6ô2&iXáÚ6xâ,‰öØ ‡ÎŸ<¦y@ٜGoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 11GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 12GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 13GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 14GoMA Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 15Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 1Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 2Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 3Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 4Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 5Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 6Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 7Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 9Landing Dockside Brisbane Wedding Photographer - 8

Note: There’s a few frames in here from weddings I was lucky enough to second shoot for the stupidly talented, very excellent gentleman Stewart Ross & Jason Starr from Studio 60. Also a big thank-you to Hayley Williamson, Tyler Alberti, Amanda Quick Harris, Kim Eijdenberg and Stephen Govel for coming on some weddings this year. I think I included one of your shots in my favourites Steve. 🙂

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  1. caroline
    Dude. Nick. Dude. Seriously incredible stuff in here. Your bridal party portraits are SUPERB. I totally LOL'ed at that groomsman photo with them in their boxers. That could have easily been a magazine ad for really great alcohol. But wow. Truly one of my very favorite best of 2013 posts!
  2. Ben
    I always love your blog posts and this one was a real hum-dinger! You've got an awesome way of spotting the right light and working that tilt. Awesome year dude :)
  3. Oy
    I scroll down this post and I couldn't stop smiling for some reasons! Sooo beautiful images and lots of great moments you captured in 2013!
  4. Connie
    A beautiful compilation! How awesome was that to look through all these stunning images while the song is playing in the background! :)
  5. Kate
    Love love love Nick!! The sparkler shots are really cool - you've definitely got that skill mastered!
  6. Amanda
    Amazing images Nick! Just listened to your Photobiz Xposed Podcast and you had some really great tips. Thanks for sharing!

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