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There’s something special about finding yourself on one side of the train doors, lugging a snowboard bag and suitcase, watching them close – with your three travel companions on the other side (aka on the train I was meant to be on) less than an hour after landing in Tokyo. With no phone. No subway map. No internet connection. One of those little “oh shit” moments that travelling loves to throw at you. Thankfully the next train was two minutes behind me and we regrouped half an hour later at our destination after a lovely little Tokyo peak hour crush. Tokyo is insane. A proper big city on a scale that boggles the mind. Niseko couldn’t be a greater contrast. A skier or snowboarder’s heaven where it snows like clockwork. Some of the softest fluffiest powder I’ve ever ridden. It won’t be the last time I visit. I love the ups and downs of travelling, it’s definitely a good way to hit the pause button on life for a bit. It helps to take a look at life from the outside and make sure the ship is on the right course. Looking forward to the next adventure and the year of amazing weddings I’ve got ahead of me.

Side note: Most of the Tokyo images are from my Nikon D3s & 35mm 1.4. All of the snow photos are from my Sony RX100ii – awesome little travel camera that shoots full raw and is genuinely pocket sized.

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  1. Connie
    Japan looks amazing!! So many great shots in this post. The photos you took at the fish market are awesome! You've captured the beauty of the snowfields, and the urban side of Japan in a really cool way too. Great work! Looks like a great holiday too.
  2. Casey
    Take me back!! I love all of these... But the pink bike, snow trees and sunshine cat track ones are my fave! You never disappoint with your great talent Mr Nick.

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