Michaela & Andrew – Brisbane Wedding Photography

Michaela & Andrew might have just had a few screws loose when they were planning their wedding. Don’t get me wrong, their wedding was stellar, a union of two wonderful families, surrounded by all those they hold dear in life. Stunning locations – I love shooting in the All Hallows Chapel – and Mirra Events in the Valley is also top notch. No it was actually their decision to move to London indefinitely for their honeymoon which had me questioning their sanity. Planning a wedding, whilst working full time is a reasonable little undertaking. But planning it to coincide with a dual international life and career shift is taking things to another level. A level that Michaela & Andrew absolutely dominated. As mentioned, their wedding was superb – and by all accounts their trekking around Europe before settling into life & fresh careers in London has been just as good. All the best for a long and happy life together guys – I’m sure it’ll be a huge success.

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