Ben & Monique – Sails Noosa Wedding

There’s a pretty special energy in the air at most weddings, and that seems to be amplified a notch for out of town or “destination weddings”. I’m not sure exactly what it is, but the combination of friends & family getting away from their day-to-day lives and spending a few (often hectic) days together in the lead up to a wedding seems to create a pretty perfect atmosphere for a memorable wedding.

And a memorable wedding this was. The weather gods turned on a perfect day for Ben & Monique’s Noosa wedding. The threatening rain clouds that sat off the coast in morning cleared into a perfect day and a magical sunset.  The images below tell the full story of Ben & Mon’s big day – from the morning preparations, right through to partying it up on the dancefloor to see out the day. Sails Restaurant at Noosa sure know how to host a rockin’ wedding!

11 Responses to “Ben & Monique – Sails Noosa Wedding”

  1. Albert Palmer
    Your work is stunning Nick - great use of light. You also have an eye for the emotion too. I love how accessorised this wedding is!
  2. /mariahedengren
    Nice moments with the guys in the morning, I like that. Awesome moments with the girls as well, especially with the pijama party, I like that even more. This is definitely a cool couple and one can see that reflected in all the details at their wedding.

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