wedding album – tanwen & mark

Another product based post, this time a wedding album. I designed this album for Tanwen & Mark after shooting their wedding in October last year. A lot of my clients are quite surprised at how much wedding albums have changed compared to those they’re familiar with from their parents generation. The freedom of design that modern technology and printing processes allow is fantastic.

The thing I love about designing a wedding album is the ability to tell the story of a wedding day for a client. Coming out at around 60 pages, this album gave me the ability to tell 30 separate stories that combine to create a visual recreation of their big day. It’s also an elegant tangible item that can be passed around to friends and family to share and reminisce about what was a very important milestone in the lives of these two people.

With the standard of construction that comes from the best suppliers you can be guaranteed that with the correct care this wedding album will be still around to show children and grandchildren for generations to come. Unfortunately a USB stick filled with digital files just doesn’t come with the same lifespan or tangible magic that a wedding album does, and that’s why I often encourage my clients to allow me to create an album for them.

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