Misty & Dave – Brisbane Wedding

Misty & Dave got married in August.

The End.

Just kidding. I got an email from Misty a couple of days ago, amongst other things, she said: “We’ve been keeping an eye on the blog, mostly interested in what cheezy comments you’ll have to make about us and our wedding!” Which made it very tempting to go all out lovey dovey, sickeningly romantic, vomit in the mouth style for this little bit of text I spend hours agonising over for each blog post. But I won’t. Misty and Dave wanted to buck the trend a bit with their wedding. There was no cake cutting or speeches at the reception. No dancing at all (gasp!). And instead of the typically clean cut and polished back drops wedding photos feature they wanted some more industrial run down locations. They got the ‘boring stuff’ (cake & speeches) out of the way straight after the ceremony so they could spend the evening celebrating their wedding over amazing food and drink with their closest friends and family. They were kind enough to invite me into their lives for the day. It was pretty great.

14 Responses to “Misty & Dave – Brisbane Wedding”

  1. Leah Kua
    I just kept going through saying "That one's my favourite" "Wait, no that one". These are truly amazing. Beautiful framing in each and every one.
  2. caroline
    I just love how intimate this whole wedding feels just looking at these photos. Love the portraits. They seem to really love each other and have fun with each other. Nice work!

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