digital negative delivery

I’ve recently updated my branding and digital negative packaging. I also had some amazing stationery designed and printed by the exceptionally talented Dreamachine. Maddie, brains behind The Dreamachine, might be able to help you with wedding stationery, so if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for – shoot her an electronic letter. I’ve always loved the feeling and look of actually holding a physical photo print in my hand, so even though this makes up the inclusions of my ‘digital package’ – I still include a couple of high-end fine art prints. There’s nothing better than the real deal so hopefully it’ll inspire my clients to get their files off the computer and print like crazy. Drop me a line for prices and more info.


6 Responses to “digital negative delivery”

  1. Alinta
    WOW! Love this, especially the wood USB's and stamp elements, it all goes so well together. Love to know who you got these from if you dont mind sharing:)
  2. Stephanie Rowe
    Yay. These look so good. So excited for you to do our wedding!
  3. Dan Speicher
    Beautiful packaging. I love the stitched corners. I started including prints in all of my packages last year because its so important for clients to see them. At least if the drive gets lost, they will still have some prints from their wedding so that they can still share them years later.
  4. Lyndal & Dave
    Hi Nick Dave and I get married on Sunday 3 May 2015 at Eves on the River. We love the photos on your website. Can you please send us a pricelist of your packages? Perhaps if you are available on the date we can catch up for a coffee and a chat. Cheers Lyndal & Dave

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